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Dental Implant Mentoring Service

Dental Implant Mentoring Service
Dental Implant Mentoring Service uk

Dental Implant Mentoring Service

The service is simple and straightforward, If you are enrolled in a course and have clinical requirement requires a mentor, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for one of our experienced mentors to visit your surgery and mentor you during your implant placement or even place the implant for you and you can shadow and learn for the first few cases until you gain confidence to place implants on your own. 

If you are a dental practice and wish to offer dental implants to your patients and don't have an in house implantologist, you can pass the CBCT to us for discussion and we will then be able to offer you an experienced locum implantologist to do the case from A to Z.

If you are a junior implantologist who manage to do straightforward cases but not very confident yet to do advanced and complex cases, again you can send us the CBCT then we can discuss the case with yourself and provide a detailed treatment plan as well as all other treatment options. 

Service Fees

The fees mainly determined by the complexity of the case and the location of the practice, but generally speaking, for the surgical stage, we usually charge a fixed fee of £750 per first implant or bone augmentation or socket preservation and only £500 for any other implant or bone graft placed on the same operating site. 

For the prosthetic stage, we expect that the practitioner would perform the prosthetic stage on his/her own, however, if a mentor required to attend your practice, a fixed fee of £300 per implant per visit will be applied. 

If you require only online case assessment and treatment planning, we will charge you only £300. 

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