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Fundamentals of Dental Implants Course 

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Dental Implant Course 

Course Overview

Dental implantology is an incredible growth area and there are number of people who show their interest in building their career in this field. If you find yourself interested in dental implants but still not sure if this is the right career for you, if you still not sure about taking an intensive course, diploma or even a master degree, then this is the course you should consider attending.

The course will provide a soft introduction to implant dentistry and teach you the fundamentals of dental implants in a very simple, organized and clear way. Only then, you should be able to decide if this is the right career for you or not. 

All that you need to know about fundamentals of dental implants from patient selection, treatment planning, CBCT, surgical stage, soft tissue management to complications management.



Course Structure  

  • Introduction to dental implants

  • Appreciating vital anatomical structures

  • Treatment planning and patient selection

  • How to read a CBCT

  • Surgical techniques, socket preservation and flap design

  • Immediate implants in extraction sockets

  • Basics of bone grafting and material

  • Direct Sinus Lift 

  • Indirect Sinus Lift 

  • Bone grafting simultaneous with implant placement

  • Dental Implants for periodontally compromised patients

  • Soft tissue management

  • All-on-4 / All-on-6 approach

  • Implant impressions and prosthetics

  • Implant over dentures

  • Immediate loading

  • Introduction to digital implantology

  • Medico-legal issues and consent form

  • Complications and management

  • Introduction to different surgical kits, Osteotomes, expanders and Piezo surgery

  • Step by step guide how to drill and place your implant

  • Workshop on implant placement 

  • Implants will be placed on artificial mandibles and maxillas

  • Introduction to different prosthetic options and different impression techniques

  • Abutment selection

  • Preparing temporary restoration

  • Workshop on direct impression technique

  • Workshop on indirect impression techniques (Open and Closed Impression Techniques)



The course takes place in Glasgow over two days, normally Saturday and Sunday


Course Fees

£750 per day

For more information please contact 

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