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Bone Graft Course

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Bone Graft Course

Course Overview

The course is a comprehensive theoretical and practical introduction to fundamentals of bone augmentation for implant surgeons. The course consists of lectures, hands-on surgical training in bone augmentation, sinus lift and soft tissue suturing techniques on artificial mandible and maxilla . The course will cover the fundamentals of bone and soft tissue reconstruction surgery, all that you need to know to treat advanced implant cases. 



Course Structure  

  • Develop a thorough, evidence based, knowledge of the head and neck anatomy related to bone augmentation 

  • Different types of bone grafts 

  • Extra-oral donor sites 

  • Intraoral donor sites 

  • Methods of harvesting autogenous bone graft 

  • Horizontal ridge augmentation 

  • Vertical ridge augmentation 

  • Ridge splitting 

  • Closed Sinus lift 

  • Open sinus lift 

  • Soft tissue augmentation 

  • PRF

  • Bone graft and peri-implantitis

  • Dealing with bone graft complications 

  • Hands on different bone graft techniques 

The course takes place in Glasgow


Course Fees


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