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Life Surgery Training Program 

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Life Surgery Training Program 

Course Overview

Do you know that the earliest known tooth replacement method was discovered in Egypt in approximately 2500 BC. Human remains suggest that their ancient civilization tried to stabilize loose teeth by binding them together with gold wire. Explore the history and master placing dental implants with our unique clinical training program.

  • The course takes place in Cairo / Egypt

  • You will enjoy the benefit of placing large number of implants in a short period of time 

  • The course also will enhance your diagnosis and treatment planning skills 

  • You can chose between flexible packages 

  • You can place 10, 20 or 30 implants over 3-7 days

  • The 10 implants course will cover the anterior mandible, anterior maxilla, posterior mandible and posterior maxilla 

  • The 20 implants course will cover the same as the 10 implants course plus open and closed sinus lift 

  • The 30 implants course will cover the same as the 20 implants course plus block graft technique 


Course Fees

10 Implants course £9,000

20 Implants course £16,000

30 Implants Course £22,000

Prices including flight tickets and accommodation 

For more information please contact 

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